$2.5 Million: The Priciest Condo in Columbia Heights History Finds a Buyer

A condo that delivered earlier this year is setting records in Columbia Heights.The largest residence at the Helicopter Factory listed for $2.5 million — the highest price ever for a condo in Columbia Heights — has gone under contract. 

Where Gyro Copters were once made, a D.C. development soars with industrial appeal

If you’ve ever imagined taking flight in a spaceship or rocket or hot-air balloon but couldn’t really get going, you probably weren’t in a spot conducive to creative travel. But if you moved to the Helicopter Factory you’d be in dreamland right away.

Historic helicopter factory goes luxury condo. Here's your first look.

During the first three decades of the 20th century, inventor Emile Berliner made history at 770-774 Girard St. NW, creating a material for record manufacturing, a system of improving sound reproduction, and rotary engines for the world’s earliest helicopters...