Historic helicopter factory sets record with $2.3M residential unit sale

The Helicopter Factory just set a record. A unit in the historic Pleasant Plains building at 770-774 Girard St. NW went for $2.3 million in a deal announced Tuesday, the most expensive to close for the project and the highest price in the neighborhood’s history.


Unit 7W appraised and closed today at $2,300,000

Today, Lead Developer Brick Lane and partner, Brook Rose Development confirmed the sale of Unit 7W in the Warehouse portion of The Helicopter Factory.  The Helicopter Factory is a 28,000 SF two-pronged residential development comprised of a 7,600 SF warehouse converted to two (5,100 SF and 2,500 SF) residences and 13 industrial-style luxury condominiums at 770-774 Girard Street, in NW Washington. Unit 7W appraised and closed today at $2,300,000.  


$2.3M Columbia Heights condo sets neighborhood record

Columbia Heights has been one of the District’s hottest post-recession residential real estate markets, and the sale of a Girard Street condo just set a record for the neighborhood — by a long shot.Unit 7W, a 4,700-square-foot condo at the redeveloped The Helicopter Factory, has closed for $2.3 million, according to developer Brick Lane and partner Brook Rose Development.



$2.5 Million: The Priciest Condo in Columbia Heights History Finds a Buyer

A condo that delivered earlier this year is setting records in Columbia Heights.The largest residence at the Helicopter Factory listed for $2.5 million — the highest price ever for a condo in Columbia Heights — has gone under contract. 


Where Gyro Copters were once made, a D.C. development soars with industrial appeal

If you’ve ever imagined taking flight in a spaceship or rocket or hot-air balloon but couldn’t really get going, you probably weren’t in a spot conducive to creative travel. But if you moved to the Helicopter Factory you’d be in dreamland right away.